Kafé eng


21. may -12. june

sa, su

12:04 - 16:27

06. june


11:06 - 16:03

25. june - 18. aug.

sa - thu

11:33 - 18:02

21. aug. - 04. sept.

sa, su

12:04 - 16:27

... and sometimes when the sun shines, call:

0046 (o)457-455031

Opening hours

The coffee-bar is closed 18. and 19. june

The coffee-bar and the reception are located in the former grocery which originally laid besides the mills, now under the waterline. It was raised in the late 1938/9 when the new road between Backaryd and Eringsboda was built.

   Until 2005 there was a coffee-bar on the other side of the street, called "Smedjan" (the forge). It was also starting point for guided boattours on the lake.  When it was closed, we decided to have one together with the camping.

Enjoy your stay and our service!